Kyndfulness Delivered



KyndKits are small volunteer projects and acts of kyndness that can be delivered to your home or office. You can sign up for a monthly box, or a one time party pack order. Your kit comes with 100% of the supplies you need to do a meaningful project for someone in need. 


When your kit arrives, open it up, follow the instructions and make an impact! You can do it at home, at the office, or at your special event. Everything you need to make your impact is included in the kit. Check out some of the examples and the project calendar below. 


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The Impact

When you purchase your KyndKit you make a massive impact. 


Military Gratitude Kit

All fo the supplies need to make a gratitude card and care package created for an active duty military member. 

Cold Care Kit

Everything you need to make and hand out a cold care kit for someone experiencing homelessness. 

First Responder Care Package

The materials included to make a gratitude card and care package for a first responder. 


Each month's kit is themed to impact a different cause area. When you sign up for a subscription, you will receive the scheduled project for that month. 

Party Packs can be customized with any month's project at any time!


This project contains all of the supplies you will need to build an art activity bag for a child receiving services after being removed from an abusive home. 


Many seniors spend the holidays alone. Themed for Valentine's Day, this month you can create a card and a card package for seniors experiencing loneliness.


In March, your kit will contain all of the materials to make a dignity bag. These bags can be kept with you and handed out to someone experiencing homelessness. 


Earth Day is in April! This kit contains supplies to get outside and show your kyndness to Mother Earth. You can clean up a local park or school and plant flowers and seeds with this kit!


Our veterans have done so much for us and our country. This kit provides all of the supplies to build a care package and write a gratitude card that will be delivered to an active duty military member or veteran.


As summer heats up, thos experiencing homelessness are at greater risk due to exposure. This kit has all of the supplies you need to make a heat relief kit. Keep it with you and hand it out when you see someone in need. 


Many children will not be out enjoying the sunshine as they are stuck in the hospital or at home dealing with a serious and life threatening illness. This kit provides all of the supplies to write an uplifting card to these children. 

Read the stories of sick children and write a customized card to help brighten their day.  


Back to school! When students are in first grade their reading gap will be the smallest. This is the ideal time to reach students who are falling behind. This kit will have all of the supplis needed to build sight word flashcards for first-graders who are struggling with their reading. 


In remembrance of 9/11, this kit is dedicated to the first responders who are available when we need them most. Use this kit to make a care package and gratitude card for your local first responders. 


Winter is coming! As the weather cools down, people who are exeperiencing homelessness must start to prepare. You can help by building a cold care kit. Once you've completed your kit, hand it out next time you see someone in need. 


Many seniors who can not leave their homes rely on Meals on Wheels to get hot, nutritious meals. This kit is designed to make a "We Care" package that Meals on Wheels drivers can hand out to seniors while they are delivering meals. 


The holidays are a difficult time to be dealing with serious health issues. Unfortunately, that's exactly what the children and their families who are at St. Jude's Children's Hospital are facing. In the December kit are all the supplies you will need to make a waiting room activity bag for a child at St. Jude's. 


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