Valentine's Day Packages for the Senior Citizens (February)


Everyone loves to be surprised by an unexpected gift, especially senior citizens who are living alone or in assisted living. Even the smallest gifts can brighten their spirits and make them feel loved and remembered. 


The Holiday's can be a challenging time for senior citizens living alone or in assisted living. Often they feel isolated and lonely. Your care package can impact someone in your family, neighborhood, or in a local assisted living community.


The simple act of making a care package, a card, and delivering it can make a huge impact on a senior citizen feeling lonely on and around Valentine's Day. Your kit will brighten someone's day, lift their spirits, and make them feel valued. 


These are the instructions for Valentine's Day Packages for Senior Citizens. Questions? Email us at

1. Complete the gratitude practice included in your KyndKit.


2. Write Your Letter

Included materials used for this step: 

  • Folded white card and matching envelope
  • Markers
  • Stickers



  • Use the enclosed markers and stickers to decorate the card and envelope. (When you are done, you can include the markers and unused stickers in the care package.)
  • Express your encouragement and include a hopeful message. 
  • Decorate the inside of the card.
  • Decorate the outside and front of the card.
    • Can't think of what to write, draw a picture!
  • Put your card in the matching envelope. 
  • Decorate the front of the envelope



  • Decorate random pages in the crossword and sudoku books. As the seniors flip through to do pages, they will find your fun, engaging, and uplifting messages on the pages. 
  • Mention some of your favorite card games in your letter. 


3. Decorate the Larger White Envelope

Included materials used for this step: 

  • 9 x 12 white envelope
  • Markers
  • Stickers



  • Decorate the envelope with a bright, encouraging message or picture. (This envelope will hold the care package and materials.)
  • Make it colorful and fun!


    4. Optional Items to Add

    These are just a few ideas for additional items you can add to the package.

    • Post-it notes
    • Games and activity books
    • Toiletries 
    • Stamps
    • Stickers
    • Snacks
    • Small, quick crafts
    • Colored Pencils
    • More Markers
    • More crayons
    • Other craft and art supplies


    5. Pack the Kit

    Included materials used for this step: 

    • The card and envelope you decorated
    • The 9 x 12 envelope you decorated
    • Crossword Book
    • The stickers you didn't use
    • Markers
    • Sudoku Book
    • Playing Cards
    • Sticky Notes
    • 3 Sets of Colorful Greeting Cards (these are for the seniors to make their own cards to friends and family)
    • Any other optional items you want to include



    • Pack the materials into the large white envelope
    • Seal the envelope


    6. Delivery Options

    • Deliver the care package to an elderly loved one, a senior citizen living in your neighborhood, or to an assisted living facility.


    • Get your shipping label from us (no charge) HERE. We will collect the bags and deliver them to various assisted living centers. 


      7. Go Back to Your Gratitude Exercise

      • Write down any additional gratitude you now feel.
      • Go to the first prompt "someone you are grateful for". 
      • Fill out your included Kynd Card and give it to that person.
      • Now you've done an act of kyndness, too!


      8. Share It




      Downloadable Materials

      Gratitude Practice Sheet
      Group Leader Instructions

      Thank you for practicing kyndfulness with us again!