Gratitude for Wisconsin Educators (WCWI Sample Kit)


This kit was designed in partnership with the Wellness Council of Wisconsin to give you an example of what a KyndKit is and how you may use them to engage your employees and clients.

KyndKits can be ordered on a subscription basis or one time for special events, meetings, and client events. Standard KyndKits have more materials and take about 20-30 minutes to complete. 


This kit is designed to show gratitude for Wisconsin educators by writing and mailing a letter of gratitude.


Your letter will be mailed directly to the Wisconsin educator of your choice from the provided list


Teachers and school staff are vital to the growth and development of our youth. They dedicate their lives and work to seeing that our children are prepared for the future and learn the invaluable skills they need to succeed in life. Your letter of gratitude will brighten the day of those who impact our youth every day.


These are the instructions for Gratitude for Wisconsin Educators. Questions? Email us at

1. Complete the gratitude practice included in your KyndKit.


2. Write Your Letter

Included materials used for this step: 

  • Greeting card and matching envelope
  • Markers
  • Pen



  • Decorate the enclosed card and envelope.
  • Write your letter.
  • Express your thanks for their service.


Helpful Tips:

  • Avoid politics completely and religion in excess.


Sign Off:

  • Adults: Include your contact information if you want.
  • Children: FIRST NAMES ONLY and no addresses, please.


    3. Send the Letter

    Included materials used for this step: 

    • The card and envelope you decorated
    • WCWI sticker
    • Included postage
    • List of educators and addresses 



    • Pick an educator from the list provided 
    • Address the envelope
    • Apply the postage
    • Seal the envelope with the included WCWI sticker


        4. Go Back to Your Gratitude Exercise

        • Write down any additional gratitude you now feel.
        • Go to the first prompt "someone you are grateful for". 
        • Fill out your included Kynd Card and give it to that person.
        • Now you've done an act of kyndness, too!


        5. Share It




        Downloadable Instructions

        List of Wisconsin Schools
        Gratitude Practice Sheet
        Group Leader Instructions

        Thank you for practicing kyndfulness with us again!