Invoca Kynd Kits

Invoca is providing every member a free Kynd Kit to be delivered directly to your home.

Given the current COVID-19 situation, we know a lot of you have had a desire to help your communities in whatever way you can, but may have felt uncomfortable getting out and doing so right now. For that reason, Invoca has decided to sponsor a Kynd Kit for each employee who chooses to participate. Kynd Kits are a way to support people all over the world right from your home. 

Choose your favorite Kynd Kit from the options below. The kit will then be shipped directly to your home at no cost to you. Additional details to follow, but we will schedule a session (or multiple sessions, depending on how many employees participate!) for us to put our kits together as a team. We look forward to teaming up with everyone and giving back!

Please place your Kynd Kit order by 5/8/2020


Kynd Kit has created a discount code for one free kit of your choosing.

You will not need to provide any payment information. Just choose your kit and provide shipping information.


1. Click the "Order My Kynd Kit" button at the bottom of this page!
2. Choose your kit.
3. Add your kit to your cart.
4. Check out using discount code: Invoca
*This discount code applies a 100% discount for one kit.

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