Johnsonville Kynd Kits

Johnsonville is providing every member a free Kynd Kit to be delivered directly to your home.

During these times of uncertainty and anxiety, sometimes the best thing we can do is show care and support for others in our communities. We found an amazing way to let us all do just that: volunteer from home and give back to the community.

Kynd Kits are volunteer projects that can be delivered to your home, and everything you need to make your local impact is included in each kit. This may be something you’d like to do on your own, or with your family. We have partnered with Project Helping to ship Kynd Kits directly to your homes – the only thing you need to do is select the kit you’d like to receive!

If you’d like to participate, please complete your order no later than April 24, at 5:00 pm.


Before you place your order you can preview the contents and instruction for each kit.

  • To preview what is in each kit, click HERE
  • To preview the kit instructions, click HERE


Kynd Kit has created a discount code for one free kit of your choosing.

You will not need to provide any payment information. Just choose your kit and provide shipping information.


1. Click the "Order My Kynd Kit" button at the bottom of this page!
2. Choose your kit.
3. Add your kit to your cart.
4. Check out using discount code: Johnsonville
*This discount code applies a 100% discount for one kit.

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