Kynd Mobile

Project Helping's Kynd Mobile

It's like an ice cream truck for kyndness!

Book the Kynd Truck for a unique, on-site kyndfulness experience. 

You book the KyndMobile. We fill it with different KyndKits and bring it to your event. Your attendees can come out to the truck, pick a volunteer project that they are passionate about and complete it on site. Everything you need for a meaningful, on-site volunteer experience is included. 


Take a Tour

Take a 360* tour of the inside of the Kynd Mobile!

You book it, we do the rest! Create a truly unique community impact experience without closing down for the day. 

Book the Kynd Mobile

Book the Kynd Mobile on the calendar below. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to complete payment to hold your date. Simple, right?

We will bring the truck, loaded with KyndKits, to your office or special event. The price includes KyndKits, but don't worry, we will bring plenty of extras. 

Choose the event duration that works for you. The cost includes KyndKits and guarantees a minimum number of kits to be sold that day. Any additional kits will be billed after the event at $10 per kit. 



Event Type Duration Minimum KyndKits Included
Kynd 2 Hours $500 50
Kynder 4 Hours $1000 100
Kyndest 6 Hours $1500 150


If you're ready to book, book a time below. A payment link will come in the booking confirmation email. 

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