TD Ameritrade Kynd Kit Order

Kynd Kit has created a discount code for up to three kits of your choosing.

You will not need to provide any payment information. Just choose your kits and provide shipping information. (you may also be asked to provide a billing address, please use the same address used for shipping unless you are purchasing additional kits using a personal credit card).
You can order and pay for additional Kynd Kits if you choose. The bulk discount will apply if you order them all at the same time. 
1. Click the "Place My Order" button at the bottom of this page!
2. Choose your kit(s).
3. Add your kit(s) to your cart.
4. Check out using discount code: TDA
*This discount code applies a 100% discount for up to three Kynd Kits.
If you have trouble loading the order builder, you may have to access it from your personal device.